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From coming home after a long day at work or long day with the kids, a bathroom should be a place with ease of use or a spa like feel. We all see those movies where there bathrooms look like a spa, well it can be! Let Safeguard design build team bring those ideas to life. Don't wake up and dread going to take a shower

The Perfect Bathroom

The bathroom is where you start your day and finish your day. The space should be very functional and comfortable. Start asking yourselves these questions:
How often do I use the master bath?
Is there enough room for my spouse and I to have a double vanity?
How much storage do I need?
Can I possibly make the toilet area a private area within the bathroom?
Could we make the shower bigger since we use it more?
These questions determine what kind of design we incorporate into your bathroom. With your ideas and our design team, we will address the wants, needs, and desires of your ideal bathroom space.



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